Piccadilly Marches

Oh, the bright lights of London blended with conversations about the environment! It’s where people live, some environmental organisations have their offices, books are launched, and rural government civil servants work. A melting pot of an urbanising nation who have long disengaged with the land, food and nature. Ouch! No, this is not about the … Continue reading Piccadilly Marches

Raptor’s return

I could hardly believe what I was seeing. From a public highway, three young hen harriers were riding the breeze over the ridge of bracken bordering onto heather. The story behind them is perhaps even harder to believe. I’ll get to why but first, let’s wind back in time for some context. A Naturalist’s Sketch … Continue reading Raptor’s return

Rose-tinted glasses

I’m getting unbridled joy from my new purchase, a pair of second hand binoculars, which I bought to reward myself after undertaking a tough session of environmental dialogue brokering in Brussels. Hardware harm Using binoculars can be a badge. I’m a nature watcher. I’m a hunter. Though of course you can be both (I wrote … Continue reading Rose-tinted glasses

Field intel east

Time to get off the mountain. Close the gap between years’ of telephone conversations and direct messages. A road trip around East Anglia listening, face to face, to what people think rather than what they say. A brief history to ‘field intel’ trips. My first one was along The Marches via train and bike. The … Continue reading Field intel east