Acting on land

The Agriculture Act 2020 slipped quietly into law. It was only when talk about cash reached headline pitch, that the full content of this wide-ranging Act starts to unfold. As the new Ag Act takes over the driving seat from the 1947 Agric Act, it’s time to get on board now. Range of roving matters … Continue reading Acting on land

Monbiot, 2013

This interview with George Monbiot was conducted in Sept 2013 and was first published in BBC Countryfile magazine. Rob Yorke (RY): Where did you spend your childhood? George Monbiot (GM): I was brought up in the Oxfordshire countryside next to an old golf course that had returned, I suppose rewilded, to an amazing habitat mix … Continue reading Monbiot, 2013

Fish slapping

A departure from my normal prose, this is about a deeply rural country set far from a highly urbanised UK. As we face tough choices over trade, wellbeing, climate, economics, environment while fearing uncertainty – which in Myanmar, is an everyday feeling. Oh, and think again on ‘wet markets.’ A journey by truck, or third-class … Continue reading Fish slapping

Join the dots

My face-to-face ‘field intel’ trips provide enlightenment as to what people really think. Online is one thing, hearing it direct is another. I muse on how land managers, academics, govt, activists might garner insight from each other. A previous ‘intel’ trip along the Marches fielded views of an environmental activist (who once upon a time … Continue reading Join the dots

Dear Sir,

Ever since I took my first call from the letters Editor at The Times in 1999, I’ve always written about environmental stuff others don’t want to write about. Hedgehog populations, horsemeat, sea eagles, bTB and badgers, raptor conflict, deer, fungi hunters, little owl culls, wildfires, alien conifers, duck shooting, urban foxes, National Parks, indoor livestock, … Continue reading Dear Sir,

Curlew public good

An email, received from a tiny conservation organisation raising all its own funds seeking to conserve curlew, is published here as a guest blog Throughout the year, Curlew Country is contacted for advice by many people wanting to help Curlews. Especially now. Right in the middle of breeding season. We want to help others but … Continue reading Curlew public good

On insects

The countryside should not be a peaceful place. It should be humming with activity. While it’s hard to sometimes avoid humans, the real racket should be insects. From revered butterflies and bees to reviled wasps and ticks – insects have been hitting the news. We are paying them the most attention since Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent … Continue reading On insects