Northern fields

My innate curiosity to understand what people think and do (rather than talk about), resulted in my arrival at the foot of a hillside, home to Cumbria’s Helm wind. This is what I learnt from 14 face-to-face meetings over four days across northern England and southern Scotland. Edible windbreaks When the wind blows Dairy genetics … Continue reading Northern fields

green blind-spot

Written evidence submitted by Rob Yorke FRICS (rural chartered surveyor) and Founder of Track II Enviro Dialogue – 11/Jan/21 (MH0016) to EFRA (links and pictures added to ‘raw’ version published) 1.1 I have worked in the rural sector since 1992 when I qualified as a chartered surveyor (Rob Yorke (Associates) Ltd) working with farmers, engineers, ecologists, foresters, … Continue reading green blind-spot

Nature-based chainsaws

Humans have a tendency not to do something unless it’s easy. From bread-makers, recycling rules, planting trees or engaging with environmental media; we want it fuss-free. Obtuse nature “Some of the stuff you write is impenetrable, Rob”. And perhaps surprisingly, I agree. While unsurprisingly, it’s easier to scroll a twitter feed and editorialised media headlines, … Continue reading Nature-based chainsaws