Fish slapping

A departure from my normal prose, this is about a deeply rural country set far from a highly urbanised UK. As we face tough choices over trade, wellbeing, climate, economics, environment while fearing uncertainty – which in Myanmar, is an everyday feeling. Oh, and think again on ‘wet markets.’ A journey by truck, or third-class … Continue reading Fish slapping

Gove green

An exclusive interview with a previous Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – Michael Gove for BBC Countryfile Magazine (first published Feb 2018) RY (Rob Yorke): Firstly, what are your personal connections to rural Britain and where do you love to walk? MG (Michael Gove): Both sides of my family have … Continue reading Gove green

An interview with Dr Food

“The fact of the matter…” peppers responses from the man self-styled as Dr Food in my exclusive interview with Professor David Hughes. He’s rarely wrong. So look out for environment/climate-friendly labelling, even more transparency in food production, emotion-driven dietary change, and ‘Big Food’ aligning with regenerative agriculture. Relentlessly travelling the world, “I’m a pollinator [of … Continue reading An interview with Dr Food