Nature with teeth

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  1. My hope is you’ll become a bit more passionate, shout louder and get yourself on telly. Then not blowing it by sitting on the fence.

  2. Could you explain a bit about ‘…rubbishing others’ ideas’ and can you explain if you have some kind of personal problem about George Monbiot. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here; I do know that existing re-wilding is being done extremely carefully, and that we can’t let the fear of imperfection deter greater and more urgent effort.

    1. I don’t read expressing one’s alternative views as “rubbishing”. Nor do I think requesting personal views on individuals from the author adds value to discussions, rather it distracts.

    2. Mike. Thanks for your comment. Did you scan all the links? Taking your points – if Ecomodernism provides a way to release land to rewild, rather than tear down the ideology behind it, be critical but with a shared aims of achieving the goal. If Matt Ridley offered part of his grouse moor for rewilding, would you reject it because of what he stood for?
      I have no truck with George Monbiot, I’ve interviewed him and here and liaise with him on relevant rewilding material (such as research in 4th last link in my blog above).
      What I fear is that we surround ourselves with disciples – hearing only what we wish to hear – while not being open to ‘critical friend’ input. I’m sure George can easily take this from me if the aim – repeated in this blog – is to engage as many of possible (including traditional landowning enemies) to achieve the greater good of more wildlife habitat without having to ‘own’ the process.
      Come to the Black Mountains in Feb/March 2016 to chew-the-cud (sheep-free)

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