Harnessing tension

2 thoughts on “Harnessing tension”

  1. Where we have common interests reconciliation between competing groups is often a matter of language – especially when we can purge it of emotional overtones.
    Where we have competing interests understanding the issue is not enough. Decisions are made by political stratagems that have less to do with the specific issue and more about the image politicians think will win votes. Democracy may have the virtue of enabling us to get rid of governments but it is a tool where the ability to inspire fear is more effective than to get the analysis right.

  2. As we both know, one of the key problems in encouraging conciliation is getting ‘all sides/camps’ in the same room together. Perhaps, rather than inviting a ‘conservationist’ to a farming/shooting event or vice versa we should begin to seek out those areas of common concern that will attract equal numbers and base face to face events around this quest. I haven’t yet worked out what those areas should be but we should look to find them.

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