Framing food and nature – a personal view

2 thoughts on “Framing food and nature – a personal view”

  1. I’d love to read more of this – it ended too abruptly! I’d be interested to know what period the final paragraph discusses; Silent Spring was 1962 but it feels like it moves on a great deal by the end of the piece?

    I also think that invertebrates get left out of the picture too often, given how vital they are, so I want to insert “and insects!” to the list of “wild birds, mammals and fish” adversely affected by intensification.

    Finally, I disagree that the RSPB and NT are now more associated in the general public’s mind with campaigning for the redirection of farm subsidies than with conservation. It’s clear to me that the general public, outwith rural areas, in fact knows very little about farm subsidies or farming in general, and a great deal more about (eg) garden birds and stately homes – something I’d like to see change.

    1. John Davis 19/7/17
      I agree with Melissa about including insects with birds and mammals under decline. I am old enough to remember car journeys in the 50s and 60s when we had to stop to clean the insects off the windscreen at the end of the day. No wonder the birds fail to breed when there are so few insects, when did you last see oak leaves chewed to the stalks by tortrix [moth] caterpillars?

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