Rewilding in the UK – hidden meanings, real emotions

2 thoughts on “Rewilding in the UK – hidden meanings, real emotions”

  1. It’s the little things that we need to consider first, those that ‘intensive’ agri has destroyed; the bugs and beasties now almost extinct, the water creatures that swim and buzz until slurry sweeps through.
    Bird food destroyed, fish food also, the lost legions of dragonfly, all failing from “Cide” spreading without [regulation] controls that work.
    Get the little things right and nature will reward us, ignore it and nature will bite.

  2. Here in New Zealand we have blanket dropping of 1080 poison* in an attempt to exterminate the possom and other non-native animals. This practice kills everything in the area, even insects. Because nature does not allow a vacuum the area is retaken again by creatures from outside the poisoned area. This takes normally 3-4 years then the area is poisoned again. After a 1080 drop there is nothing in the forest then the birds start to make there way in, followed by deer, and insects, and ultimately it all goes back to normal.

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