Digging dialogue

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  1. Christmas greetings Rob. As a Scottish farmer increasingly subjected to largely English conservation woes in the media I have learned over time to “mute”.

    The conservation charities pretty much exclusively based in England use their ‘devolved” Branch Offices to periodically pump out messages of gloom and doom which don’t always align with the evidence up here in Scotland. The net result has been cry wolf syndrome.

    On the subject of wolves, it has obviously not escaped the notice of the rewilding lobby, again mainly based in England, that up here we have large tracts of what they perceive wild areas over which they would impose their wild visions. What has escaped their notice is that these same wild areas, were once populated by thriving communities which through the evolutionary and social process have in turn become as extinct as the creatures the rewilders dream of reintroducing.

    With much of the journey still to travel. We are fortunate in Scotland that we are a small enough country to be able to work together towards a better understanding and in recent times we have made huge strides despite the disproportionate influence from south of the border.

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