A cautionary tale

3 thoughts on “A cautionary tale”

  1. There was no need for you to fall out over this, there is a very easy solution. Find a someone with some hazel coppice and cut some branches. Push them into the ground in a clump and hang your feeders from them. This not only provides protection from predators but you’ll see a great deal more birds as they come and perch on the twigs whilst queuing up to get onto the feeders.

  2. What an excellent subject for domestic conflict! Better than being caught with a member of the opposite sex, drunk and disorderly, or failing to pay the credit card bill!
    There is conflict everywhere in nature, as well as domestic life, and I feel sorry for the Blue Tits although rather less so for the rats.
    My suggestions would be:
    1. Put a bowl under the feeder to catch the waste food.
    2. Hang the feeder high enough to allow the birds to avoid cats.
    3. Send the spouse on an environmental management course.
    Go for it!

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