Forest life

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  1. Not forgetting the Forestry Commission wish to develop sites through Forest Holidays which is a private company.

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Both in that I miss my old man, and that there is a need to plant more trees. To this end I am dedicating 2019 to this endeavour.
    I am nowhere nearly as knowledgeable as your good self with all the names and such of the trees in the UK. However in the instance of income generation from trees as well as matters of food from trees , the names of the trees of significant cash value need to be studied, the appropriate planting materials tested and then planted. I am in a situation where it is only important to keep planting, very much so against the backdrop.
    This is the touching part in that I know my old man would understand and work his best to implement over and above house hold level.
    Thank you.

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