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  1. Rob, I am very sorry to hear about your Father. The suicide of a loved one is so difficult to come to terms with. A girlfriend, just 25 took her life, I was 30. She was from a farming family; you never get over it, just learn to live with it.

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  2. Hi Rob, sorry to hear the mental decline and death of your father Mark.
    I had the pleasure of working with Mark in the late 1970’s as Forestry Commission’s first Conservation Officer for Wales. We shared an office in Dolgellau. Mark was a kind and gentle man and a great support for me starting of on my 30 year career as the FC Conservation Advisor; first for Wales for 10 years followed by 20 years for England. Mark valued all FC staff in the District; I have fond memories of staff and family Xmas parties in the Coed-y-brenin area organised by Mark. I entirely share Mark’s frustration in the decline of land management standards (in all aspects) and the increasingly lack of Government support/interest and crucial importance of the countryside, environment etc.
    On retirement my wife and I purchased 31 acres of mainly worn out arable(Yorkshire Fog ) here in the far west of Cornwall. I needed a conservation/nature recovery project to keep me sane. Now after 15 years of hard work we have small examples of maybe good practice and an increasing variety of wildlife. Folk that visit seem to be inspired which helps my mental and physical health. I also strive to learn, and engage with all my farming/land manager neighbours.
    I very much enjoy and learn from your thoughtful words on Twitter.
    Best wishes,

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