An interview with Dr Food

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  1. Yes, farmers, keep on shouting about the wonderful grazing and the lifestyles of free range cattle, and keep telling the public that they must realise that they have to PAY MORE for GOOD FOOD, the supermarkets have pushed the prices down and forced farmers to adopt mass production methods to achieve cheapness.
    Let’s go back to meals we ate after rationing was over, and everyone knew how to slow-cook a cheaper joint – buy a slow cooker and come home to a meal ready , and add lots of home-grown vegetables!
    [Asian food is all the rage, but think of the air-miles and rice is now regarded as a bad environmental crop, leave it in Asia for people there who depend on it.]

    1. I am sorry but it is NOT supermarkets which have depressed prices; it is consumers who continually (and understandably) seek to buy their food at lower prices. If consumers wanted to pay more they could by investigating how, when and where their food is produced. They could buy foods ‘in season’ rather than flying strawberries in from thousands of miles away. Don’t blame the retailers for the consumers motives.

      1. Vicki Hird from Sustain said “Increasing the use of agroecological methods will ensure we can still get the food we need in years to come – though not necessarily the food companies like to sell us”—industry-leader-analysis/will-2020-be-as-chaotic-as-2019-i-hope-not-for-all-our-sake-99912
        Yes demand should lead supply, but is the majority of society ready to lead on this so that supermarkets make a profit on ‘more expensive’ groceries such as Welsh lamb over New Zealand imports or Kent tomatoes under glass over those from the Spain under sunlight?

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