An interview with Dr Food

“The fact of the matter…” peppers responses from the man self-styled as Dr Food in my exclusive interview with Professor David Hughes. So look out for environment/climate-friendly labelling, even more transparency in food production, emotion-driven dietary change, and ‘Big Food’ aligning with regenerative agriculture. Relentlessly travelling the world, “I’m a pollinator [of ideas]” he told … Continue reading An interview with Dr Food

Thorny hedges, updated

A pair of nesting long-tailed tits flags up the importance of hedgerows, including debate over their management. Mine’s a lichen Long-tailed tits are unmistakable. Bustling with extraordinary energy, their nest activity in a rose-infused thorn-meshed hedge which I struggle to manage, provides joy to many. While adjusting the nature cam, they would scold me, yet … Continue reading Thorny hedges, updated