On insects

5 thoughts on “On insects”

  1. Very much agree with you ….. the same applies with fungi, of course! … for example, the muck we get from our local farmer for our garden nowadays takes ages to rot down, with a sad lack of ‘bugs’, fungi, etc.

  2. Interesting article Rob, but I do have a little nit-pick – you picture titled intra-guild predation is not – intra-guild predation is when two different species of predators eat each other e.g. Harlequin ladybirds eating our native seven-spot for example, instead of the herbivore that you hoped they would :-)

  3. Superb article, as always. Rob is our conscience, rightfully so.
    What can we do ? I’m bug-gered if I know, but will try (I did save a spider in the bath today!) Well done Rob, never give up.

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