Green axe challenge

Chopping wood this week made me think about parallels on writing my blog to reflect the past year while looking forward to the next year (2022). Celebrate what’s been learned. Acknowledge the knotty stuff. Not take for granted any sweet spots. Reading the grain to cleave out workable pragmatic solutions. All of which, not surprisingly, … Continue reading Green axe challenge

Science rocks

The amount of science out there is staggering. Some of it dense. Hidden behind paywalls. Lots of it fascinating. Sometimes hard to replicate. Much of it uncertain. Often unread. So that’s why I set up a Rural Science page. There’s quite a smorgasbord of science on the page. Ecological is everyone’s fav. Obviously. Works best … Continue reading Science rocks

Raptor brutal

Extraordinary experiences with raptors make for deeper thoughts (refreshed Nov 2022, Jan 2024) I lie in a rowing boat, rod to one side, drifting across the lake in the Welsh mountains listening to brown trout rising. Gazing up, my eyes focus on two spots getting larger by the second…they loom into view, I realise it’s … Continue reading Raptor brutal