Freethought conservation

2 thoughts on “Freethought conservation”

  1. ‘Newt grass-bridge-removal spray’ was a new one on me: plastics, glyphosate, new roads – what’s not to like? That’s the whole modern world in one convenient backpack sprayer !

    Keep up the good work…


  2. Yes to all of that.
    Conversations, or policy decisions, amongst conservationists, environmentalists, naturalists, land users, and the general public, often lack an holistic approach to solve a problem or an agreement.
    The experience and knowledge of a recognised and objective practitioner in the relevant field is often overlooked.
    Single issue interests – including intended or unintended ignorance of facts – may often cloud a rational discussion. (As in other walks of life) ‘Twittersphere’ is not always helpful – especially when ‘conservation sometimes includes culling’.

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